The building is located in a university campus 30km from Hanoi. This building is dedicated to provide an education program for short period training. The aim was to create a quiet atmosphere where people are isolated from the main noisy areas of the campus. The building is settled in a park next to a lake; therefore one can find a relaxation space suitable for education.
The building volumes create a significant identity of the university and it is also the first building visible from outside from campus. The appearance of the building echoes of wall sculptures above tree tops.
The building is divided into several parts according to functions. The function of each space is highlighted by different sizes of concrete walls above. The aim was to emphasize spatial perception of people by varied spaces and views for pedestrians passing through the building. The main educational spaces are oriented towards to the lake. Guests may use the large diverse roof terraces which serve as a park.
The building has been composed to provide passive cross air ventilation and the large concrete walls to shade interior spaces in order to reduce consumption of electricity.
Materials have been chosen in order to take into considering harmonizing with the surrounding nature. The walls are made by concrete which is formworked by timber planks.
The conceptual approach is to find a balance between monumentality and harmony of nature and to create a tension of these two elements.

In Progress
Educational Facility
Hanoi, Vietnam
1,427 m2
Design credit
Vo Trong Nghia Architects (VTN Architects)