The aim of this project is to propose a prototype house for low-income earners in Vietnam. By minimizing the functions of the house and using low cost materials throughout, the construction cost of a house can be brought down to as little as about 3200USD. Living expenses will also be reduced by using natural resources and energies.

Two prototypes were experimentally constructed in Dong Nai province, on the construction site of a Kindergarten project designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects. The first house, with a floor area of 22.5 square meters, was designed as a model home, the second, measuring 18 square meters, was designed as a site office for the kindergarten, showing the flexibility of this prototype.

Built in 08. 2012
Dongnai, Vietnam
House no.1; 22.5m2, House no.2; 18m2
Wind and Water House JSC
Wind and Water House JSC
Hiroyuki Oki
Design credit
Partners: Vo Trong Nghia, Masaaki Iwamoto
Architect: Kosuke Nishijima