Hilton Restaurant is located in Da Nang city – where has the moderate climate between the sun, the wind and the flavor of a coastal city.
Being on a breeding ground which is next to the Han River – the lifeline transportation route of Da Nang for waterway, the building will be the highlight of the area after being used.
The difficulties for design company from investors is to create accents with geometric architecture, local materials and unique. Before the request, architect Vo Trong Nghia made solution works with reinforced concrete structures are knit squares 1x1m in size, reaching out to over 10m aperture. With geometry such interesting architecture and works as large umbrella wraps take an atrium below, creating interesting space for users in terms of percentage. Buildings are connected with a hotel, office and luxury housing by bridge with reinforced concrete structure, where users can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the famous Han River. As the first project in the world is made of reinforced concrete with such architectural geometry, the work requires a team of experienced construction and high determination to complete.

This building is currently quickly develop to complete. In 2016, the building is expected to be used and will become one of the attractive destinations of tourists and citizens as well as foreign guests visiting Da Nang city.

Under construction
Da Nang, Vietnam
Site Area
7,000 m2
650 m2
Bach Dang Hotel Complex Trading – Service Joint Stock Company
Design Credit
Vo Trong Nghia Architects (VTN Architects)
Principal architects
Vo Trong Nghia
Design Team
Ngo Thuy Duong, Do Minh Thai