This is a residential house located in Gialai city, central Vietnam. The site is 7-meters wide and 40-meters deep, and is one of the typical lots for “tube house”, a traditional typology for residences in the province.

In this house, the long corridor, which is an unavoidable factor for tube houses to connect bedrooms, is transformed into a continuous and sequential space to serve the functions of living and dining spaces, as well as an “outdoor living” space.
The continuous space has various relationships with exterior spaces such as a triangular courtyard with greenery and a front yard as a garage, and its width and height vary from place to place, giving the residents different experiences among spaces.

The wall of the continuous space was finished by 4-meter-long granite stones, which were quarried out in Gialai city, functioning as a reflector of the light from side and above.

Built in 10. 2011
Private House
Gialai, Vietnam
Wind and Water House JSC
Hiroyuki Oki
Design credit
Partners: Vo Trong Nghia, Daisuke Sanuki, Shunri Nishizawa