The winner of the fifth AR House Awards were awarded Vo Trong Nghia Architects’ project at the Waldorf Hilton in London on 18th June 2014. “House for trees” receives the single winning prize this year over hundreds of projects around the world.

“House for trees” is the project to solve problem about urban pollution and lack of greenery in big crowded cities in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Five concrete volumes are designed as “pots” to plant large tropical trees on their tops, giving fresh air and green space for the whole house, reducing energy consumption, connecting with nature and letting the owner feel relaxed out of daily stress. This is the first project in Vietnam constructed out of bamboo formwork.

AR House Award 2014 Winner

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AR House Awards is a famous international award held by the established architectural English magazine “The Architectural Review” that annually chooses one outstanding architectural project.